Beauty minaudiere – Shining Black – Launch Edition


An exclusive setting dedicated to your beauty.


For its launch, Temyris offers you an exceptional setting. Set in a black wooden case, your beauty minaudière ‘Eclat Noir’ comes with a lipstick and the powder refill of your choice.


For this special launch edition, we also offer you our ‘Rouge Marpésia’ lipstick and a translucent powder refill with hyaluronic acid ‘Andromaché’.


Lipstick - Orange Coral -
Choose your Lipstick Lipstick - Orange Coral - "Thalestris"
Powder - Concealer –
Choose your Powder Powder - Concealer – "Orithie"
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Zoom Minaudière Temyris Noir

Absolute black

Pierre Auguste Renoir liked to say, “It took me 40 years to discover that the queen of all colors is black.” Therefore, the queen of colors could only be paired with the queen Temyris, whose engraving adorns our “Eclat Noir” minaudière. In this livery, our minaudière is a timeless must-have.

A re-enchanted « objet de vertu »

The Temyris beauty minaudière is a showcase of virtuosity. With its ultra-compact size that integrates the three essential beauty touches, it is a legacy of the objets de vertu of the 18th and 19th centuries. Like the centuries-old art of the tinsmiths, the lipstick, powder compact, and perfume of the minaudière are machined from brass and then plated with 24-carat gold. Their finish is incomparable and provides the sensation of handling perfectly fitted elements designed to stand the test of time without ever deteriorating. The galalith, with its unique texture, adds a touch of nobility to this object of desire and covetousness.