Natural Compact Powder – “Antianara”


Your natural compact powder gives you an even, rested complexion with every touch-up.

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Minaudière Temyris

Exceptional materials

Inspired by fine jewelry, watchmaking and luxury manufacturing, Maison Temyris places the use of exceptional materials at its heart.
Their integration contributes to the exceptional experience provided by our achievements. Each use of our products is designed to bring a feeling of fullness.
The Temyris minaudière in galalith is unique with its silkier feel than ivory. The inlays of semi-precious stones and the 24-carat gilded brass refills make up a precious and incomparable setting.

Our cosmetic formulas

For a long time, beauty has unfairly escaped the fight for more naturalness and more protection of the environment. The Temyris minaudière could only place beauty treatments in line with its values at the center of its case. Our formulas have a minimum of between 95% and up to 100% ingredients of natural origin. You won’t find any controversial ingredients in our powder or lipstick refills. Our products are made in France and our formulas are all certified.