The Ultimate Set – ‘Glowing Lapis Lazuli ‘ Beauty Clutch


The ultimate jewel of your beauty.

Gently touch your case, open it to marvel once again at your ‘Glowing Lapis Lazuli’ beauty clutch. Then, gaze upon your lipsticks and powders, choosing your harmonies to face the day… this is the Ultimate Temyris experience. With every opening of this jewel, you will embark on a ritual that you’ll continue to cherish.

6 Lipsticks Set - 24-Karat Gold Brass
Choose your Lipstick 6 Lipsticks Set - 24-Karat Gold Brass
Makeup touch-up kit with 5 'light skin' powders
Choose your Powder Makeup touch-up kit with 5 'light skin' powders
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Zoom minaudière Lapis

In deep blue

With origins dating back several millennia, Lapis Lazuli was once used to extract the “ultramarine” pigment, which was then sold for the same price as gold. Like a nascent constellation, the yellow flecks of pyrite are tiny and preserve the brilliance of the azure. Our “Eclat de Lapis Lazuli” minaudière is the porthole of the Nautilus: a deep-sea dive, an abyss of blue.

A re-enchanted « objet de vertu »

The Temyris beauty minaudière is a showcase of virtuosity. With its ultra-compact size that integrates the three essential beauty touches, it is a legacy of the objets de vertu of the 18th and 19th centuries. Like the centuries-old art of the tinsmiths, the lipstick, powder compact, and perfume of the minaudière are machined from brass and then plated with 24-carat gold. Their finish is incomparable and provides the sensation of handling perfectly fitted elements designed to stand the test of time without ever deteriorating. The galalith, with its unique texture, adds a touch of nobility to this object of desire and covetousness.